Stormy Lake Consulting is a world-class strategy firm that uses research, facilitation, consultation, deep analysis and insightful synthesis to bring sense-making strategic solutions to clients.


Established in 2002 and Western Canada-based, Stormy Lake Consulting has deep experience across multiple sectors including, but not limited to:

- Tourism

- Education (kindergarten to post-secondary)

- Financial services

- Health care

- Retail

- Complex social issues

- Not-for-profit organizations


What we
believe to
be true

  • As the rate of change accelerates in our society, strategic models must evolve, otherwise all of us are going to be left in the dust. Our strategic model and our brands need to be self-learning, using natural and artificial intelligence to navigate these complex new contexts.

  • At the same time, the power of human intelligence and creativity has never been more important.

  • The brand remains at the core of strategy. The weakness of brands, as they are managed today, is that they are episodic. Developed, launched and maintained every few years. Episodic and static does not work anymore. Brands need to be evolving, fluid and dynamic.

  • It is the marrying of data, analysis, creativity and core brand principles that should lie at the heart of all great organizations. These four disciplines need to work together in more integrated ways.

  • We live in a world of eroding trust. Brands are letting us down. Facts are not constant. Social justice is having a moment. Technology creates echo-chambers that reinforce our existing opinions and behaviours. 

  • As a result, trust has become the new currency. Marketing needs to work through the channels of trust: experiences, community, individual advocates and reliable products.

  • Strategy needs to identify the unique journeys of different kinds of stakeholders. Identifying rational milestones and emotional states, matching the product to the moment, identifying the tools and information stakeholders use at each stage and constantly updating itself as more information about the customer’s journey is learned.